Two Tips For Those Who Are Planning To Get Vegetation Cleared From Their Properties By Landscapers

Here are two tips for people who are planning to have vegetation cleared from their properties by landscapers.

They should evaluate the features of their land before selecting any heavy construction equipment

Generally speaking, vegetation clearing is best done with bulldozers and other forms of heavy construction machinery. If a person plans to have a landscaper use this equipment to get rid of the vegetation from their land, they should first evaluate the land's features. If, for example, there are some trees amongst the unwanted vegetation and they don't want these trees to be removed, they will need to make sure that any equipment they ask the landscaper to use during the vegetation clearing is narrow enough to pass around these trees and clear the weeds and grass that lie between them. If the gaps between their trees are somewhat narrow, they might need to ask the landscaper to use a compact bulldozer with a narrower blade that will be small enough to travel through these openings.

If a person in this situation didn't do this evaluation and requested that their landscaper use a standard-sized bulldozer, this might result in the landscaper and their team having to dig up the vegetation between the smallish openings between the trees by hand, due to the bulldozer being too wide to travel through these gaps.

They should give the landscaper information on their property's boundaries

If a person's property doesn't have clear structural boundaries (in the form of, for example, walls or fences on the land's perimeters) and the dense vegetation on their land and the neighbouring pieces of land makes it difficult to see where their property boundaries lie, they should show the landscaper where exactly their property boundaries end. This will then ensure that the landscaper's equipment operators will know how far to go across the land when removing its vegetation. If possible, the landowner should put up some mobile fences or reflective tape at these boundary points so that the bulldozer operators will be able to see them very easily whilst they're using their equipment.

This will prevent the landscaper and their team from accidentally crossing over onto any neighbouring properties and clearing vegetation from it. This is crucial, as this error could lead to the owners of the surrounding land getting upset. Even if these other landowners did not mind having the vegetation removed, this mistake would waste the landscaper's time and might result in their client having to pay for extra vegetation clearing from land that they don't even own.

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