Why Buffalo Turf Could Be The Perfect Grass For Your Family Home

Buffalo turf might sound like an odd name for a type of grass but in many ways, it displays the same qualities you might expect from its imposing namesake. If you are considering reseeding or replacing your patchy lawn with one that can stand up to the rigours of an active family then look no further than buffalo turf. Not only is buffalo turf an extremely affordable option, which makes it accessible over turf with similar properties but higher costs, but it has three distinct features that give it an edge over its competitors.

High Traffic Tolerance

When it comes to raising a family, most people want to have a space where their kids can run around and play without fear of hurting themselves on hard ground. Buffalo turf is excellent for this purpose because it has a very strong root system that does not let it die even when there is a lot of foot traffic. If you want your children to play backyard cricket, rugby, AFL or whatever else and also do not want to be constantly replacing the turf, then you should consider buffalo turf. It is also very soft, which means that when there are bumps falls, there will not be any lasting damage.

Shade Resistant

Most family homes with large gardens also have a lot of trees dotted around the place, which can make for quite a challenging environment for grass to grow evenly. Shade tolerance is a big deal when it comes to turf, and not every species has this property. Luckily, buffalo turf has it in spades, and it can survive in shade for most of the day. As long as your buffalo turf gets a few hours of sunlight a day, it will last just fine.


No one wants to be stuck outside every Saturday mowing their lawn, and with buffalo turf, you won't have to. Buffalo turf grows slowly (which is another reason why it is shade resistant) and thus, does not need the same amount of care as other, more fast-paced turfs. In addition to this, buffalo turf's tight root system also means that it is naturally resistant to many types of weeds. While not foolproof, this natural resistance does help with your overall maintenance of the grass. Less time out there maintaining the garden means more time enjoying your weekend.

For more information, reach out to a buffalo turf provider in your area.

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Buffalo turf might sound like an odd name for a type of grass but in many ways, it displays the same qualities you might expect from its imposing name

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