3 Landscaping Supplies for Creating Patios and Walkways

You can hire someone to build your patios and walkways, but the designs may miss the personalization you want them to have. Instead, you may choose to draft, design, build, and complete the projects on your own. If this sounds like a combined project you are willing to tackle, then you will need a few landscaping supplies to get the job done. In addition to your cement, bricks, and level you should also consider these supplies as part of your project arsenal.

Paving Moulds

One way to create unique patios and walkways easily is to use paving moulds. These moulds come in several designs and methods. The most common type of paving mould handles several paving stones or bricks and allows you to pour the cement directly into the mould. This allows you to lay the entire patio or walkway using the moulds, let the cement dry in place, and easily remove the moulds to reveal your finished product. You can also use paving moulds that help you evenly place and space your own bricks or stones.

Landscape Rake

You may be focused on the patio or walkway being level and the cement being spread properly, but you have to start with a well spread foundation to achieve that goal. In order to do this you should consider using a landscape rake to help spread dirt, make it level, and get it ready for the patio or walkway to be placed.  You can then wet down the area, pat down the dirt, and level it off again if you have spots that need more or less dirt.

Landscaping Border

To finish your walkway and patio, and give them both a clean edge, you will want a landscaping border. This border can be more bricks placed on their sides to create a sort of wall around the area. You can also use landscaping timbers to border the area for a natural look. Remember that your border should be able to prevent washout around the patio and the walkway during heavy rainstorms and runoff from the rest of your landscape. Keep this in mind when you are choosing what option may work best and age best over time.

With these three tools in your landscaping supplies, you will be able to create the ideal patio and walkway. If you run into trouble with leveling the land or with areas where washout may be a problem once the natural grass and other growth is removed, consider contacting a landscaping professional for a consultation.

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