Four Ways to Improve the Appeal of Your Front Yard

When you are looking to improve your home's landscaping, you might be thinking about your backyard, but don't forget about the front yard! This area of the home is often overlooked, even though it is what most people see. Here are some ways to improve the appeal of your front yard.

Plant More Flowers

To improve the appeal of your front yard and get better curb appeal, start by planting more flowers. Many different types of flowers can be included, from large potted flowers and plants near the entry way to lines of flowers that are on the side of the walkway leading up to the door. You can also plant rose bushes and other bushes with flowers, adding more depth in front of the windows and close to the sidewalk in front of your home. You can also plant tall flowers close to the home, or short flower bushes near the mailbox. Also consider adding some window boxes with flowers.

Add a Walkway

Adding or improving the walkway in front of your home can make a drastic difference in how it looks. If you have a basic concrete walkway leading from the street to your front door, consider remodeling it by using decorative concrete pavers or brick. If you don't have a walkway, now is the perfect time to have one installed. There are many materials to be used, from natural stone to manufactured materials. Instead of just a straight walkway up to the door, consider having different curves or including steps with paving stones up to the door.

Use Low-Maintenance Ground Cover

For the ground cover, it is best that you go with something that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. It is one thing having dead spots of grass or not mowing every weekend in your backyard, since other people probably don't see it regularly. However, for your front yard, upkeep is more important. If you don't want to hire a professional landscaping company, it can help to choose ground cover that is easier to manage on your own. For example, you can go maintenance-free by laying down rock instead of lawn. This keeps out weeds and requires no watering or upkeep. You may also want to go with synthetic grass, which is easier to take care of and doesn't require mowing or much watering.

Install Driveway Edging

Driveways are typically a little boring to look at, but you can add some more decorative elements by adding driveway edging. This has many different options, depending on the size of your driveway and what your preferences are. For example, you can add some decorative pavers to create a border around your driveway, such as stamped concrete, brick, or natural stone pavers. You may also want to have flower edging along the sides of your driveway or add solar lights that shine your front yard when the sun goes down.

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