Should You Choose a Ride-On or Walk-Behind Mower for Your New Yard?

It's great to have a large area of land that you can call your own. You may be pleased to have taken control of a nice plot of land around your new home and have aspirations to turn it into something you can be proud of. If you want to allocate a lot of that land to a verdant green lawn, you will need to be prepared for some work. You certainly need to choose the right equipment, but what factors do you need to consider before choosing between a ride-on or walk-behind mower?

Plenty of Choices

When you first talk with your landscape supplier, you may be surprised to see just how many different types of lawn mowers there are. Other models have a variety of individual functions, and you can get plenty of attachments to help you with your tasks.

Effort and Price

Fundamentally, your choice may come down to two factors – exertion and price. While you may be enthusiastic about looking after your lawn at the outset, will you be so cheerful if you have to push a lawnmower over a wide area on a typical summer's day? In this case, you may want to consider a ride-on lawnmower, which is perfect for tackling larger areas in a shorter amount of time. You may be more able to tackle additional household jobs once you have taken care of your lawn.

Calculate your budget before you make your final decision and consider other factors involved. For example, you may have to buy fertiliser from time to time or consider irrigation costs.

Getting Your Steps In

You may value daily exercise and see this as a great opportunity. In this case, you might want to invest in a walk-behind lawnmower so that you can get your daily steps in while making the place look better.

Control Options

Walk-behind mowers are somewhat easier to control, which may be an advantage if you have a lot of tight spaces, randomly placed trees or intrusive flowerbeds. Still, ride-on mowers may also have extra flexibility if you choose something with "zero-turn" capability.

Easy Start

Finally, don't forget about ease of operation. After all, you simply jump aboard and turn the key when you buy a ride-on machine. Alternatively, you may have to fiddle with the pull start mechanism for a walk-behind mower, which can sometimes be challenging if you have little patience.

Getting Advice

As you can see, there are many different pros and cons associated with each choice. Talk with your landscaping specialist, and they'll help you to come to the most appropriate conclusion. Look into lawn mowers for sale near you.

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