How to Assess Your Irrigation Needs for a Proposed Development

If you are developing a new office or stand-alone store that sits within its own land, you'll likely be paying attention to your landscaping needs. You'll want to ensure that everything looks great from a branding and presentation point of view, but you'll also want to save costs and be as environmentally friendly as possible. With this in mind, what type of irrigation system should you consider?

Initial Questions to Ask

To begin with, determine the nature of the land in question. Is it relatively flat, or do you have to deal with slopes? Also, consider the type of soil that lies beneath, as this will dictate the form of landscaping and, most crucially, how it will be maintained.

Weighing up the Options

In most cases, you have two different types of irrigation systems to consider. The first will be the more popular sprinkler-based, but the other could be a drip irrigation approach, suitable for certain plant types. Expansive lawns will probably need a sprinkler system of their own, simply due to the area in question and the need for uniformity. Drip irrigation may be the better approach if you plan to introduce flowerbeds.

Drip Irrigation Systems

With drip irrigation, you won't need to worry if some of your land is sloped or irregularly shaped. Once these systems have been set up, they will deliver a small amount of water to the base of each plant steadily over time. This can minimise any surface evaporation and also cut down on weed formations. You won't need to worry about any soil erosion caused by excessive watering, and you can also target fertiliser deliveries without any wastage. Remember to include a filtering device to avoid clogging within individual tubes.

Sprinkler Systems

If you plan to install a lawn as well, pay close attention to how you install and maintain your sprinkler system. You'll want to avoid any overwatering, of course, and try to keep evaporation to a minimum. However, most systems today have an automatic programmable control system, which can shut everything off during those stubborn, rainy days. In addition, you can adjust the individual nozzles to deliver different spray patterns if needed, without having to completely reconfigure the system.

Deciding Your Approach

A combination approach will be best in most cases, but you should talk with an irrigation expert first. They will assess your new development and help you draw up a plan for long-term and efficient watering. Contact commercial sprinkler system services near you to learn more.

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