Why There's Only One Choice When It Comes to Seeding Your Rugby Pitch

When the Rugby World Cup rolls around every four years, people across Australia pay a lot more attention to the venerable game. This country is, after all, one of the favourites for success in this global competition, and this is due in part to the support that the game gets at grassroots level. Speaking of grassroots, you may be taking advantage of this elevated interest to set up a facility of your own and will be focusing on the right type of grass for your pitch. How can you make sure that your new rugby mecca is successful and can stand up to the rough-and-tumble of this sport?

Getting Ready

Rugby is a relatively straightforward game and you won't need to worry too much about the infrastructure in order to develop a great new facility. You must make sure that the pitch is of a certain size as regulated by the governing body and prepare the soil carefully before you introduce your turf.

Having Only One Choice

Your choice of turf is nevertheless vital for so many reasons and for best effect you should look at kikuyu turf. You can use it on the pitch itself as well as the surrounding landscape, and your new facility will look first class, year-round.

Dealing with Abuse

Kikuyu is very resistant to damage and this will be crucial in this situation. After all, rugby players tend to be stocky individuals, and they all wear cleats on their boots. When they engage in a scrum, they will release a tremendous amount of energy and much of this will be directed through their legs down into the ground. This type of grass will put up with such abuse relatively well, and while you can expect an element of damage of course, the grass will spring back very quickly so long as the roots remain intact.

Long-Lasting and Hardy

Further, kikuyu will stand up to the weather on the days when it is not in use and is very resistant to damage from the sun. It can repel heavy storms but cope just as well with a prolonged drought. Your turf will also stand up strongly if you need to apply any herbicide or weedkiller to get rid of other pests and, as such, is remarkably low maintenance.

Moving Forward

Talk with your landscape supplier to make sure that you get kikuyu for your project. Your rugby team will be particularly happy with your choice and your efforts may even spur them on to international stardom!

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