When Picking a New Mower for Your Home, Should You Choose Gas or Electric?

When you're in the market for a new home, you may be forgiven for walking around with stars in your eyes. You've seen some amazing properties and can imagine yourself whiling away a lazy evening on the patio while admiring the beautifully landscaped garden in front of you. However, come down to earth for a moment and consider some of the practicalities. Somebody has to cut that expansive lawn, and it's probably going to be you. What type of mower should you be considering so that you can look after your kingdom properly?

Electrically Powered?

Firstly, you need to consider whether your mower will be powered by gas or electricity. In the latter case, you need to choose between cordless or corded and want to know the pros and cons associated with the choice.

Think about your dexterity when you are out on the battlefield. Do you feel that you will be able to control the mower properly, so that you won't run over the cord and cut it into pieces?

Remember that when you choose a model with a cord, it will only reach so far, whereas the cordless versions only last a certain amount of time before they need to be recharged. This may put you under pressure to get the job done in time.

On the flipside, all electrically-powered motors are much easier to maintain. After all, you don't have to change the spark plugs, filters or oil and won't need to fill them up with fuel before you can start.

Or Gas?

Many people believe that gas-powered lawnmowers last a lot longer than their electric counterparts, and you won't have any issue with mobility, so you can take your own, sweet time when it comes to the work ahead of you. Gas-powered mowers make it relatively easy to cut through tougher grass, but they do tend to be a lot heavier than the others and will thus give you a bigger workout.

Consider some of the issues associated with gas, however. For example, they will require a lot more maintenance and tend to be louder. They're not particularly friendly to the environment as they emit carbon monoxide, and you may struggle to turn them on if you don't have a lot of upper body strength, as they have pull cords to test your patience.

How to Decide

Taking all of this into account, understand that each has its pros and cons. Narrow down your choice by the size of the yard that you have to work with and the amount of time that you may want to put in to keep up with maintenance.

For more information on mowers for sale, contact a local business.

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