Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Your Own Turf

New turf can make your lawn look lush and green in just a few hours, rather than having to wait weeks for grass seed to take root and start to sprout. Turf can also be stronger than seeds, as grass seed is a favourite treat for birds and may not readily take root in soil that is somewhat inhospitable. If you are installing new turf on your own, note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid; this will ensure your turf grows to be strong and lush and gives you a lawn you love.

Drying out the rolls

You always want to ensure your lawn is ready to have the turf installed as soon as it arrives. New grass can't break through the underside of the turf and take hold of your property's soil if you let that new turf dry out, even slightly. Have your turf delivery scheduled for the day you'll install it, and ensure you provide proper covering and protection for it; invest in a few heavy-duty tarps if you don't have space in the garage, to keep that new turf out of the sun while you work.


Before you lay out your new turf, you want to remove weeds, as weeds will choke out that turf and not allow its roots to take hold and flourish. Weeds also absorb moisture and nutrients from the ground so that the turf may struggle to thrive. Raking the soil may not be enough, as just pulling at weeds doesn't mean they won't take root again; you may need to till the soil to remove them, or even go over the soil and pull weeds by hand if necessary.

Unrolling or setting layers of turf

Your turf will be delivered in rolls or square sections; when installing these, don't overlap them, as this will keep the turf that is on top from taking root in the soil. Check your work as you go, so that you know you're unrolling sections properly and aren't putting those layers down crooked, which could cause them to overlap. Do the same with square sections; set them down next to other sections and nudge them together, always ensuring one edge is not over the other, before putting down another section.

You also don't want any edge of the turf to hang over the edge of your property's soil; trim those edges with garden shears if needed, so the turf fits evenly. Those rough edges won't take root and can then allow the entire roll or section of turf to dry out.

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