Why Should You Hire a Land Surveyor Before Landscaping Your Property?

For many new homeowners and property buyers, landscaping their property is a chance to add a personal touch while improving the appearance of the outdoors. Landscaping can involve simple projects like planting a garden or installing concrete kerbs to more involving ones like installing a fence around the property. Whichever project you choose for your landscape, it is essential to hire a surveyor for the following reasons.

Outlining boundary lines

Many property owners rely on the real estate agent to define the boundary line or they use the existing fencing to draw the conclusion. Knowing the exact boundary of the property is paramount, and this is why you need a land surveyor. Some landscaping features such as fences can end up surpassing the boundary, and this can create a conflict between you and your neighbor. A land surveyor will help in determining the boundary line of your property, and this will help you design your landscape better without any risk of facing boundary related lawsuits.

Formulating landscape plans

Unless you are a landscape surveyor, developing a plan for your property's landscaping and executing it can be a daunting task. Many land surveyors are also experienced landscape surveyors, and this enables them to come up with an ideal plan for different properties. They can recommend the necessary additions that you should make to the landscaping, including the ideal plants and flowers, their sizes, and arrangements. They can also recommend where and how to lay the grass and how much of it would be suitable for the property. A surveyor will help in coming up with an actionable plan that will improve the appearance of your outdoors.

Outlining zoning requirements

The local authorities in your area may require you to follow certain regulations when landscaping your property. A land surveyor can help in ensuring that you follow these laws. For instance, there may be restrictions on the height and dimensions of fencing installed in the area. If you want to build a shed in your property, the law may require that you leave a specified amount of space between the shed and the boundary line. Understanding such zoning requirements can help prevent any collisions between you and the authorities.

These are some of the top reasons why you should consider using a land surveyor when landscaping your property. Make sure that you choose a licensed surveyor so that you can get accurate information on the location of your boundary line and avoid future disputes with your neighbor.

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