Tips for Designing a Calming Japanese-Style Garden

When it comes to gardens, one size most definitely not fit all. Just like interior design, you can decide whether you want your garden to be a place for family gatherings, for unforgettable weekend parties, or simply for relaxation. If you want your garden to be a Zen haven inspired by Japanese design, there are many options available to you. Here are a few residential landscaping ideas for your garden space. 

Switch to bamboo fencing. In Zen design, natural materials are extremely important. This means that if you have vinyl fencing around your garden, it's time to switch it out to something more natural. Bamboo is a good choice because it is often used in Japanese design, and it's also a very durable material that can withstand the natural elements. Tall bamboo reeds will also offer you privacy and plenty of cool shade in Australia's warm summer months.

A water feature is key. In Japanese design, it's important to bring all of the natural elements together to create natural harmony. This means that a running water feature is key. As well as adding a different element to your garden design and making it seem authentically Japanese, a water feature is a good idea because it promotes a feeling of calm. It can also attract birdlife to your garden so you can hear the cheeping of birds on spring and summer days.

Include a rock garden. If you don't know one plant from another, you can create a Japanese element in your garden by creating a Japanese rock garden. These are typically a combination of rocks and sand, the sand representing flowing water while the rocks represent the mountains. You can very easily do this by simply purchasing sand and rocks from your local garden centre. Rake the sand in swirls to create the feeling of moving water, and place the rocks in whatever arrangement you find pleasing.

Pick the right plants. Of course, plants play an important role in any garden. In something like an English country garden, you can throw any number of seeds in the soil and hope for the best, but with Japanese garden design, you have to be a little more discerning. Evergreen trees and shrubs are always a good idea, and if you want to include a splash of dramatic colour, a scarlet maple offers incredible red leaves that still look in keeping with Japanese design. 

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